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Easily organize your stores, accounts and cashiers for each employee

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Why Vowalaa

Special interface for all operations

Accounts - Sales - Shipping – Purchasing

Control your accounts from anywhere

Specialized cloud system

Integration with your online store

Sell easily and calculate accurately

We provide support for all your queries and concerns

Easily accessible via WhatsApp

Multiple reports for all your operations

Accounts - Sales - Shipping - Returns

ERP Systems for wholesale and retail companies

Your branches POS
Efficient, professional and accurate

A distinct and special POS system

E-Commerce POS & shipping Manager

Organizing shipments to every location

With all details of operations and payments

Vowalaa platform allows you to fully and directly manage all your daily sales in your stores

In addition to your stores and accounts as follows:


Store Your products precisely


Record your sales easily for each branch


Confirm the order and import it easily from storehouse


Record Invoices to each branch


Systemize your collection of money and profit, then prepre your audit accordingly


Accurately organize your returns with all commercial affairs on a daily or weekly basis

In addition to the ability to connect all your branches and stores and follow them at any time from anywhere


One screen for all the sales processes and cashier.

We collect all the details of processes, payments, employees, and cashiers in a unified platform, of which the manager can access and control from a single screen.

While cashiers and ... *complete

From a single page, your cashier can control add noun of what they can control, record invoices, daily orders, and all sales processed which have been withdrawn directly from the inventory.


All of your branches are recorded accurately so you can access and trace the data whenever you need.

You can add all sales for each branch independently, and follow up with the cashiers and daily sales.

You can also track the inventory and withdrawals, set withdrawal limitations according to the products and amounts

and issue reports of processes including accounts and invoice tracking.


The inventory management and the different returns

Management of inventory and returns

Managing the inventory and different returns to be recorded with every detail according to the respective branch.

Adding of goods,


Special invoices for every POS

You can extract from previous records, and create detailed invoices according to the respective branch

product, or platform, with desired codes and designs.

With this meticulous system, you have access to revisit or back track an old bill, if you ever need to.


A cloud system and Mobile apps

Easily log into the system from anywhere, on any device, and utilize it at your convenience.

Assign employees to manage POS, and observe them whenever you wish.