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Suitable price plans and unlimited features

Meg Unlimited Suppliers - Multi Supplier

start from $1280
  • Multi-market suppliers and departments
  • Unlimited products
  • Choose your design
  • You can download the source and become yours forever without any problems in development
  • Your website in 48 hours

Giga - one Supplier - all add-ons

start from $960
  • All features
  • Unlimited products
  • Choose your design
  • You can download the source and become yours forever without any problems in development
  • Your website in 48 hours

Unlimited Features

Excellent support for search engines

Each page can control its own keywords and track them in Google Apps

The products are presented in different formats

Display products in different formats for main pages, sections, product page, and presentations

Designs fit all areas

Whatever your field you can find a suitable design for you and your multiple products

Best Client's profile

The client is your real treasure and of course you do everything you can to keep it, so we put our attention to the client file so that it is easier to use your site and buy and track it easily

You can develop your site as you want when you buy the full version or you can ask us what you want to develop and will develop for you at prices you can not imagine

Maintenance contracts and annual technical support allow you to enjoy new additions and update your copy free of charge around the clock

you can pay with:

& Plans


Suitable for small and medium businesses
Are you at the beginning ??
We recommend it We Advise you with this Package


Ownership For Life

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There are no annoying monthly fees
Now you can own your site with all the appropriate additions to your store
Do you want to distinguish


Ownership For Life

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Meg Unlimited / Multi Vendors

Are you in scaling phase?
Do you start or want to enter the growth phase
This is the best solution for your Growth
This package for exhibitions and distributors and shops


Ownership For Life

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Key Features

Latest plugins
Number of products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting your site One month free One month free One month free
There is no sales ratio
Free design
Different languages and currencies
You can add mobile applications
Free technical support One month free One month free One month free
Periodic backups
Free SSL certificate
Online payment gateways and shipping portals

Marketing and sales features

Link the store to social networking sites and Google
Marketing Consulting
Designs for the shop or advertisements
Consultant specializing in electronic commerce
Chatbot - Electronic Assistant
Support search engine archiving
Related products and raise sales
Discount coupons and marketing
News and blog
Special pages for offers
Ads on the store and application
Evaluate and comment with personal accounts
First / Main page control

Selling Features

Feature the product information (Sizes and colors inside the product details)
Abandoned cart
Loyalty program
Coupon system
Affiliate program
Referral program
Shop for electronic products
Video for each product
Stock and inventory tracking ( POS )
Tax calculation
Calculate shipping by weight and dimensions
Track orders
Easily recoverable
Search and differentiation of products
Consistency with excel
Notifications for phone applications
Professional E-Commerce Reports
Full Tax & VAT Management
All Marketplace Apps for FREE


Personal Account Manager
Comprehensive Support
Free Data Migration
Customize Copyrights
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