why do I need ERP for ? 


Why should I leave any Systems other than Vowalaa ? 


Because our system is unique with :

  1. It contains all the Modules that the merchant needs daily in managing his trade 
  2. built by merchants 
  3. The Modules are integrated with each other
  4. The platform is integrated with other service providers that the merchant deals with, such as shipping and payment companies 
  5. Prices are very competitive 



why should you use Vowalaa and what is the benefits? 





Is the price fair? 


Yes, it is competitive with the market solutions with how much value we put in our app and what can we provide for your trade 


I am using excel, is it enough? 


Not enough of course, Because errors that occur in data entry or during modifications may cause disasters that cannot be repaired later 

and these errors may not be noticed.


Is my data safe? 


Your data is protected, preserved, and secured, and no one can view it except those with the Permissions authority to whom you, as a super admin, give them those Permissions 



What are the packages that you provide? 


We offer multiple choices of business packages

It varies according to the nature of your activity, the number of users, the number of products you work with, and the average number of monthly bills

In addition, each package contains the basics of the different system, such as: 

  • Sales(Services-Online-Retail)- Purchases – Expenses - Customers/Suppliers - Product Management – Reports - Basic accounting


Does the system help me in the accounts? 


The system is equipped with two levels of accounts : 


Does the system help me in retail sales? 


Yes, it provides you with full inventory management and tracking for each product and brand with a Pos for each branch and separate shifts for your cashiers 


Does the system help me in e-commerce sales? and how? 



  • The platform is suitable for commercial activity (e-commerce or retail) 

  • Ease of managing the daily operations of e-commerce and retail through (the platform) and the integration of the platform with all operations and linking them to each other

  • Quick access to the data of each department of the commercial activity (stores - sales - shipping - accounts - returns - details of each employee's work)

  • A simplified and detailed framework for each (department), (manager) and (employee) in the activity so that each of them knows his role and the powers entrusted to him and thus most of the errors resulting from dispersal and poor organization are avoided

  • Commerce operations manager integrated with (E- stores / shipping companies) for e-commerce / retail 

  • A manager for shipping operations, integrated with multiple shipping companies, following up, organizing delivery and returns, and integrated with (warehouses)


What distinguishes Vowalaa platform in e-commerce? 

  1. The system defines the responsibilities of every employee and draws a detailed and accurate framework 
  2. Product life cycle is unique and the first of its kind 
  3. Modules that fit and created for E-Commerce ( Affiliate / E-Commence manager / shipping manager ) and all integrated 
  4. It contains all the Modules that the merchant needs daily in managing his trade
  5. System integration (shipping companies and the payment methods.)
  6. Specialized framework for every employee
  7. Easy & ready to use and work on from day one. And fit packages for every business
  8. Prices are very competitive 


What are the applications contained in Vowalaa platform that are distinguished from others in e-commerce? 



Those have been built according to sellers needs wither in simplify their working steps or to enhance their operations and add more value to the business to gain profits and minimize the time / actions needs / work effort and reduces the loss 


Do I need previous accounting experience to work on the system? 


NO, you don't have full experience, just with little pet of knowledge, also with what we provide you with videos and Detailed explanation you will be to work with you needs from the system and you will be able to apply your accounts easily 


I heard about your order life cycle, so what is it ? 


It's a full module that gives you a full control and organizing steps for your sales 

With our unique cycle for tracking daily sales, from registration down the daily orders to complete the shipping process

And it's integrated with the rest of the system 


Is it integrated with e-stores (Shopify / Woo-commerce .. etc ) ? 


Yes, it's integrated with cs cart and shopify and   Woo-commerce 


Is it possible to link my own online store with the Vowalaa platform? 


we are capable of integrate with any privet e-store with our ready API integration with extra fees 


Can my e-storeretail, and S.Media sales be linked on the same platform? 


  Yes, you can do it, and you are apple to assign inventory and pos to each one off these pips 


The price is high and there are less expensive programs ? Why should I choose Vowalaa ? 


Comparing the price of Vowalaa’s monthly subscriptions with other systems is not a fair comparison. 


What problems does it help me solve? 




Can I work and manage all off my  E-Commerce & Retail Daily Operations in One Platform?


Yes, you can do it with a sperate inventory to each branch and platform with a sperate and specialized Pos for each 


I work in e-commerce in Egypt/UAE/KSA, should I use Vowalaa ? 


Yes, you should because of:


  1. We offer Arabic ERP platform specialized in managing the day-to-day operations of e-commerce
  2. An Integrated Platform that enables you to take full control of all your entire e-commerce daily activities and manage all your trade form inventory to shipping
  3. We can integrate with any shipping companies 
  4. Our E-Commerce POS Manager have an addition that you will not find it anywhere else with (A unique cycle for tracking daily sales) which includes order registration & Confirmation and processing of daily orders from the warehouse to shipping 

Which we have made it integrated directly with shipping companies and payment gateways


How does Vowalaa help me with shipping and returns? 



I own a shop and manage my sales through social media, so how can the two be linked and organized? 


Yes, you can with  extra fees