Vowalaa A unified ERP for all your operations!

The ready made platform to manage all daily operations.
Crafted for managing all types of commercial activities.
Warehouse, Operations, Manufacture Sales, Shipping, Store manager and more

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Vowalaa Integrated Business Platform


Does your warehouse lack organization and order? Do you suffer from accounting losses and waste your returns?


Do you aim to boost daily and long term productivity in your business and ultimately maximize profits and minimize your losses?


Would you like to have a deep understanding of your business inside out, with detailed reports of the delicate particulars and the full picture?


Do you need an efficient system on a single platform to organize and manage your inventory, shipping process, and other business activities ?

Better Organization Image
Better Organization Image

We provide you with an Integrated Platform which enables you to have complete control over your entire business, with 360° vision

Whether you sell online or offline,with Vowalaa you can organize and completely take charge of your entire process, right from the inventory down to shipping, organization of returns, daily orders and sales. The tracking of every trade detail is made simply accessible via a single platform

We are A Unified Platform for your Work Life and E-Commerce Operations

This is How We Function


Store your products precisely


Record your online sales efficiently


Confirm the order of your customer And import the order easily from the storehouse


Export the order easily to the responsible for warehouse to prepare the order for the suitable shipping company


Organize the billed and delivered order for the shipping rep.


Shipping the order to your customer and following up all the shipping processes via the platform


Systemize your collecting of money and profits and prepare your audit


Organize your returns accurately at the end of every day or week with all the commercial affairs

All your needs in managing your business E-commerce and Stores
You will find it here

Vowalaa integrated business Modules


Manufacturing Module for Small Enterprises

Perfectly suited for small factories from their detailed production cycles down to the main inventory. This module also will links your Manufacturing inventory to following branched warehouses and relays this on to the E-commerce


Shipping Cycle and delivery for E-commerce

The best system for shipping and tracking orders from warehouse up until delivery to the shipping company or your representatives. Inclusive of order status tracking, at every point of the way including deliveries or returns


Prudent management of inventory and Stores

A thoroughly precise system to facilitate the organization of your warehouse(s). No detail is missed, even the smallest shelf, daily sales tracking, and movement of imports


E-Commerce POS Manager

Contains a direct connection with the warehouse, varied shipping and selling operations all integrated with shipping companies and connected with the unique tracking cycle


Profits Module (Affiliate Marketing)

A Unique module aids in increasing sales and profits, via a marketers’ network for your products and services


Over 30 specialized reports

Enables the efficient management of all your business activities, to boost productivity and plan with clear direction to ultimately increase your business’s profitability

We Add Value to Your Business Activity


Creating a Clear Framework for Every Employee

Specialized roles and access for every employee based on their positions, to facilitate their daily operations, develop business activity and reduce errors


Boosting Productivity of Your Business Activity

With vowalaa’s smart system, less time is spent on tedious methods of managing daily operations, so your business can allocate its time to what really matters


Increasing Sales and Profits

Systematic organization of warehouses, and tracking of returns and customers to fundamentally increase efficiency and profits

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