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Manage the manufacturing process of your products with the main inventory and link it to subsidiary stores

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Why Vowalaa

Special interface for all operations

Accounts - Sales - Shipping – Purchasing

Control your accounts from anywhere

Specialized cloud system

Integration with your online store

Sell easily and calculate accurately

We provide support for all your queries and concerns

Easily accessible via WhatsApp

Multiple reports for all your operations

Accounts - Sales - Shipping - Returns

The first specialized Arabic ERP system

For e-commerce

A distinct and special POS system

E-Commerce POS & shipping Manager

Organizing shipments to every location

With all details of operations and payments

Vowalaa platform allows you to manage warehouses, raw materials and the various stages of manufacturing process until the final product

in an easy and direct journey as follows


Processing of raw materials with all its details


Create and connect manufacturing recipes in all its staqes


Extracting final products in quantities and prices


Exporting products to main and subsidiary stores branches


Start selling throuth stores


Start Selling throuth reps and wholesalers


Detailed reports with sales and accounts details

In addition to the possibility of connecting production to the main and subsidiary stores, whether special stores for online sales or specific products for each store


Managing the manufacturing cycle accurately

You can manage the entire process from the begining to the end

starting with the raw materials and inventory, down to the details of the manufacturing cycle, inclusive of its types and special prices.

Finally, the costs of final products, suppliers, shipping, reps, selling details, inventory and accounting are all included in the process.


The production cycle and the products items

Defining the product's items and special recipes according to its type and the percentage of wastage, if any.

This is also inclusive of the entire production cycle with its special details, costs, and prices. from the onset down to the final results of prices, amounts, and units.


Link the final products with the sales inventory

We cater not only to the manufacturing cycle, but also to the direct importing of final products of the sales inventory.

On the Vowalaa platform, we then swiftly distribute them to the sales inventory devoted to the branches or various social media channels.


Variety of special settings

You can adjust any settings you need in the manufacturing cycle according to the types (e.g 'product-field-manufacturing), the numbers, the recipes phases, and the product.

At any given time, special reports for the manufacturing process are made available.


Cloud system and mobile apps

Easily log into the system from any given location to apply them to all your branches, assign an employee for every POS, and observe them whenever you need to.